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BIG Red Button

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Customizable "hot corner" application launcher. The BIG Red Button works very much like the Mac OS X built-in "hot corners". The big difference is that the red button lets you launch any application or AppleScript you want; something that you cannot do with the built-in hot corners. When you work with a lot of applications at the same time there's usually one that you return to frequently (e.g. Mail, Safari, Photoshop, etc.). The BIG Red Button is for that app. Push it, the app comes up. Do your thing. Done. CONFIGURE UP TO 5 BUTTON ACTIONS: "Option + click" the button to bring up the Action Slots window. You can configure up to 5 different apps to launch. Double-click on a button to assign an app to it. Single click on the app you want to set as the default app to launch when clicking the big red button. UNLIMITED FLEXIBILITY WITH APPLESCRIPTS: Save your AppleScript as "Run Only Application". The BIG Red Button will launch it without activating it so you can access things like the frontmost window from within the script. WORKS WITH MULTIPLE MONITORS: Patiently the BIG Red Button awaits your orders behind the ⇒ bottom left corner ⇐ of your main screen. SANDBOXED FOR PEACE OF MIND: The BIG Red Button runs inside an Application Sandbox restricted to read-only access to your other applications and only sees the ones you allow it to.