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Browse, view, rename, and convert image files with BigPicture. Multiple views for quick and easy navigation, detailed image info, professional and intuitive tools. • Browse, view, and sort picture files. - Drag and drop files or folders. - Sort by several image attributes, or by enclosed folders. - Grid view for quick visual navigation. - Folder view to gather files by enclosed folders. - View detailed info: size, path, dimensions, resolution, color model, exif info, and more. - Export image info. - Rename single files. - Open images with default app, or any app you choose. - List of recent 'open with' apps. - Print picture list. • Batch convert pictures to JPG, TIFF, PNG or PDF (BigPicture Pro only) - Specify color model, resolution, quality, PDF filters and destination folder. - Define unique file names for converted images. - Keep original images unmodified. • Batch rename pictures and files (BigPicture Pro only) - Filter which images to rename, for example images that end with 'tif'. - Compose new file names using 5 name components. - Preview how the files will be renamed.