Bill Boss (with cloud sync)

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Bill Boss is a powerful yet simple app for keeping track of upcoming (and overdue) bills, payment history and notes. Imagine being able to easily see all the bills that need to be paid this month along with a total amount - an amazing tool for budgeting. Features: • Notifications on your Mac when a bill payment is upcoming, or if there are past bills that are overdue. • Add unlimited bills, including reoccurring ones from Weekly all the way to Yearly. Includes support for mixing multiple currencies. • Use the always available menubar icon to quickly see the list of bills, sorted by Overdue, Due Soon and Future. • Syncs with iCloud or Dropbox so no matter which Mac you're on, your bills & payments are there. Add a bill at home, go to work and see it there. • Export payment history as CSV file to import into other financial software. • Print or export to PDF the list of unpaid bills.