Binary Video Analysis

OS X 10.12
Developed by coaches for coaches. Binary Video Analysis is a tool for people from any sport. It was designed to make video work easier and faster at all levels. Whether it's a post-match analysis or just after a video was shot with the camera. To save projects, please use the Movies directory. FEATURES: 1. Video - Add up to 9 videos - All major formats supported - Link videos by time position - Fullscreen mode - Take snapshot - Choose 1 of 8 video layout - Play in slow motion - Select part and export - Combine different videos and layouts 2. Scouting - Import data from different apps in scouting converter - Free and open data format - Easily change time of rows - Filter data - Make statistics - Export filtered data to video tags 3. Drawing - Draw lines, arrows, angles - Draw in free hand mode - Select players with cone - Add text - Add timestamp - Add video zoom in 2x,4x,6x,8x - Change color and line width - Delete, undo, clear 4. Analyzes - Group video, slow motion, static image - Make video montage - Add title, description, clip number - Remove audio PRO VERSION INCLUDES: - Export montage to video - Import video with any length - Save without watermark - Capture video from up to 4 USB cameras INTEGRATED SCOUTING APPS: Ballers Basketball Stats Breakthrough Stats DataVolley Validator HoopStats Basketball Scoring iStatVBall 2 iTouchdown Football Scoring ProTracker Tennis Score Soccer Soccer Stat Recorder 3000 Soccer Stats Recorder Water Polo Statistics Want to integrate your app? Please write to SUPPORT: For support and info please visit our webpage: