Bingo: Fun Family Casino Game

OS X 10.9.0
The much awaited Bingo game from the makers of other popular Casino games is finally available!And guess what? To add to the fun, Bingo has Multiplayer Support as well. You can play Bingo against Millions of players all around the world and compete to be the Ultimate Bingo winner. Have fun playing Bingo with the family, as it has been designed for kids and adults alike. Play Bingo where ever you are, our Bingo features different themes to unlock as you play; you can explore the Bingo world as you progress and have fun. Spin the Wheel of fortune to win Free Coin s! **** Features of Bingo **** 1. Beautiful Graphics 2. Multiplayer: Play Bingo with thousands of Bingo Lovers over the globe 3. Three different Bingo World Themes 4. Connect with Facebook and play with friends 5. Fast Paced Gameplay 6. Spin to Win free coins Download Bingo for your phone and tablets today and have endless hours of fun. Please don't forget to Rate and Review Bingo