Biorhythm Pro

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Unique in its category, Biorhythm Pro offers feature not found in other Biorhythm applications. This easy to use, full featured app includes: • A manual (select Help from the Help menu) that explains how to use all of the apps features. The manual includes a primer on biorhythms and their uses. • Plotting of the three primary and four secondary biorhythm cycles. You choose which of the seven cycles you want to see plotted. • The ability to plot up to three peoples biorhythm cycles at the same time in one graph allowing you to quickly compare individuals. • A birthdate manager with the ability to specify the time of birth and timezone. Without this information the calculated biorhythms can be off by up to two days. • A synchrony calculator that computes how well aligned two individuals are in the three primary cycles, the four secondary cycles, and the total for all seven cycles. • Full controls over plot line colors, background colors and gradients, and drop shadows. • A fully resizable graph window. Drag the window larger to see the detail you need. • A table generator. Generate a table of almost any length that lists the percentages for all seven cycles on a day by day basis. • A plot position control. Left, center, and right justify your plot. • Export an image of your graph or a file of your tabulated biorhythms for easy emailing and archiving. • An included world map to easily find your time zone information.