Black & White Studio

OS X 10.9
With Black & White Studio you can create black & white photography like a professional. You can emphasize every detail of your photo using a complete set of controls: channel saturation, channel mixer, local contrast, fade, tone mapping and HDR. From intense to soft tones, using black & white you can express every feeling of your moment. Features: -Supports all the most common image formats, JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, PDF, ICNS, GIF, PSD... and all the RAW formats supported by OS X. -High level of customization and flexible algorithms: emphasize details, local contrast, brightness, dynamics, channel saturation. -Control local contrast and give a dramatic look to your images. -Transform your images with soft shadows or high lights. -Different modes of contrast and smoothing. -Use the channel mixer and control Red, Green, Blue separately. -Tone Mapping for HDR effects and detailed portraits. -You can create dramatic black and white effects or soft mono tones. -45 different black & white filters ready to use. -Post-processing with Brightness, Exposure, Temperature, Gamma for monochromatic tones... -18 presets, Soft, Vibrant, Intense, Noir, Silver, Surreal... -You can save your own presets, all changes will always be ready to use. In order to work with high resolution images it is recommended a dedicated AMD/NVIDIA or Intel Iris graphics card with at least 256 mb of VRAM. IMPORTANT: These video cards are not supported: Radeon X1600/X1900, GeForce 7300/7600, Intel GMA Series. Please report bugs or send requests to: .