BlackFog Privacy

OS X 10.11
BlackFog Privacy protects your privacy and ensures your Mac is safe. By blocking the distribution of malware through advertising networks (malvertising), removing adware, and malware and cleaning your computer you can significantly reduce the chance of infection. Ad Blocking (Safari only) increases the performance of your browser. Page load times often improve by more than 100% in most cases. BlackFog Privacy also protects your privacy by blocking data profiling and analytics in real time (Safari only) so that you will not be followed as you browse the web. Recover from a browser hijack using the cleaning feature to remove Adware from Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera. BlackFog Privacy also blocks cryptocurrency mining and malware while browsing the Internet in real time and prevents your browser from being hijacked by these new threats. Remove forensic data from your browser, including browser history, caches, cookies and private databases collected by each browser. You can also clean your computer and reclaim valuable drive space by cleaning system caches, logs, trash and mail cache. BlackFog Privacy is effectively multiple products in one and includes: - Ad Blocker - Profiling Blocker - Cryptomining Blocker - Malware Blocker - Disk Cleaner - Privacy Cleaner - Adware Cleaner - Malware Scanning and Removal We love to hear from our users. For questions and suggestions please email us directly at