Blood Pressure Expert Lite – All in One Guide to Controlling High Blood Pressure.

OS X 10.7
Blood Pressure Expert has been written as the patient's guide to high blood pressure (BP), or hypertension, as it is often called. High BP is the single most important cause of stroke and if people with high BP had their BP reduced the occurrence of stroke would be more than halved. Professor O'Brien, who has spent over 30 years treating patients with high BP and conducting research into the causes and treatment of the condition, uses all his experience and expertise to give clear and direct answers to questions people with and without high BP would like to have answered. KEY FEATURES IN Blood Pressure Expert Lite: - OVER 30 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS WRITTEN TO HELP YOU UNDERSTAND (400 QUESTIONS in the paid version) - VIDEO INTRODUCTION EXPLAINING EACH SECTION - VIDEOS, PICTURES & CHARTS HELPING YOU, THE PATIENT, UNDERSTAND HIGH BP - STROKE RISK CALCULATOR (paid version only) - BMI CALCULATOR (paid version only) - EXPERT ADVICE ON REDUCING RISK AND IMPROVING HEALTH High BP is a complex condition that is serious risk for stroke, heart attack and a number of other less dramatic illnesses, such as impairment of brain function and dementia, that may not only reduce life expectancy but may seriously affect the quality of our lives as we grow older. High BP can only be diagnosed by measuring BP but much to many peoples surprise this is not as straightforward as many patients (and doctors) believe. Professor O'Brien has pioneered the technique for measuring BP during the day and night and he discusses the variations that may affect diagnosis, such as white coat hypertension. High BP affects different people in different ways. For example young people with high blood pressure need different tests and treatment than older people, and women need to be managed differently to men, especially in pregnancy. Professor O'Brien answers questions addressed to these different groups. Blood Pressure Expert answers over 30 questions (400 in the paid version) but you may have questions that are not answered and this application will be developed to cater for all your questions in future up-dates. So feel free to ask whatever questions you may wish to ask on high BP and its complications.