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Bluetail is a beautifully designed easy to use vector drawing application to help you create inspiring vector graphics. "Simple, Solid, unremarkable vector design, at a knockdown price; 8/10" - Bluetail has all tools, giving you power that let you draw any kind of shapes, technical illustrations and beautiful art. Features: - Export designs as Vector PDF, PNG, JPEG and TIFF files. - Export Designs as Vector SVG file. - Import SVG files. - Import CorelDRAW (cdr) files. - Professional Drawing Tools. - Bezier Pen Tool for creating custom shapes. - Pencil Tool for free drawing and sketching. - Custom Shape Tools: Polygon, Star, Arc. - Boolean operations to combine simple shapes into complex shapes. - Path selection and editing. - Fill and Stroke feature: Shapes can have unlimited fills and strokes. - Shadows: fill and stroke shadow give your ideas even better look. - Shape dimensioning feature. - Rotate, Scale tool. - Convert to outline. - Text Tools. Styles: - Copy and Paste Style. - Apply multiple strokes, fills, and shadows to any object. - Arrange the order of fills, strokes using drag and drops. Other Features: - Simple and powerful interface, built for OS X. - 64 - bit native. - Optimized for Retina and non-retina displays. - Text Path Tool. - Layers and Groups. - Lock, Unlock shapes and layers. - Alignment Guides. - Rulers - pixels, inches, millimeters, centimeters. - Snap to Grid - Align and Distribute objects. - Duplicate. - Linear and Radial Gradients. - Convert Text to Paths. - Expand Stroke. We would love to hear from you. If you have any problems, please let us know. Sample files are available on our site. Email: Twitter: