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Alert you when your boss shows up so you can always be prepared! Almost everyone has been caught off task by the boss before. The encounter may be awkward, humiliating, or most likely downright disastrous. But, the truth is, nobody can work forever. In fact, if you are like most people, whatever focus you had at the beginning of the day must surely be all but gone after several long, arduous hours of work. It's not criminal to play a few games, look at some LOL cats, or shop on Amazon for a while to relax yourself every once in a while. You can even argue that by relaxing, your productivity increases. But, of course, your excuses will never work on your boss, who will either give you a humiliating and boring speech, or worse yet, demote or even fire you. Unfortunately, this app can't make you boss more understanding, but it's the next best thing. Bosses often seem to pop out of nowhere, and usually at moment's notice, but that cannot be literally true since it would defy the laws of physics. No, your boss had to come from somewhere, and if you had known exactly when he was going to come by your desk and check on you, all those embarrassing, promotion-killing encounters with him might have been avoided. Knowing the location of your boss and the timing of his arrival may seem like a luxury, but not with Boss Radar. Here's how it works: Most people nowadays, especially people such as your boss, carry some sort of bluetooth device (earpieces, smartphones, etc...) on their person at all times. And whether the device is in use or not, the bluetooth signal is always being emitted. It's like this huge loudspeaker announcing the device owner's presence everywhere he walks. Boss Radar constantly scans for this signals. Because it is not very strong, if it does find the target device, that means the device (carried by the boss, in this case) is getting close, and it would then warn you with a signal. In addition to the alarm, the app can also quickly and automatically change your wallpaper, stop your music, switch your browser to something work-related, open up documents, and even kill undesired apps to convince your boss of your innocence, god-like focus, utter devotion, and, most of all, worthiness of promotion (I mean, isn't that the whole point of pleasing the boss to begin with?). Considering the higher salary associated with this prospect, Boss Radar is certainly worth the price. The best part is, Boss Radar can be useful even outside of work. Use it on your wife, your husband, your roommate, your kids, or maybe on that girl you met a couple weeks ago but cannot seem to run into anymore... the list is endless. features: - always on guard and scanning for your target device to protect you from your boss - adjustable scanning intervals - from 5 to 60 seconds! - dock icon can be hidden - status menu icon color changes accordingly to mode - two modes available, can detect both the coming and going of your boss - option for an audio alarm for approaching boss - options for turning on previously set music or getting rid of the currently playing one, changing your desktop picture, and opening and closing previously determined webpages, files, and apps - the app can do whatever you need to create the illusion of you working. More questions? Read the FAQ and Quick Startup Tip. Q: What is the detecting range of the Boss Radar? ... Q: Is this legal? A: The Boss Radar is a running app, it does neither pairing nor connecting with the target device, it merely listens to all open broadcasting bluetooth devices around over the air, and is therefore perfectly legal. You are familiar with freedom of speech, how about the freedom of listening? ... Due to limited space, a lot of information is not included here. A detailed FAQ and quick start manual are available: just drop us an email at: