Brain Train Age

OS X 10.6
Is there any game that can make your imagination bestowed with free wings and fly your confidence and faculty of memory to a higher level? Brain Train Age can offer you a fantastic answer! Brain Train Age is a casual game published by ADA company, which is aimed to activate the potential of brains that are fatigued and exhausted, drowning in the sea of adulthood's tough mess. It is consisted of 5 parts which are memory, analysis, intuition, count and illation, confident in waking up the amazing potential of your brain. Based on scientific researches, Brain Train Age has gathered a series of interesting games, and is able to produce detailed analysis about the result of every round. Through kinds of games, it drives away the tiredness of your brain, and supplies your head with admirable vitality and energy. While entertaining itself with numerous fascinating games, the brain will get itself a new-born ego!