BRAINtastic Reading Success One

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Fully Spoken instructions in a fun Interactive Learning Environment. Give your child the best start! The 48 hour Reading Spectacular - Reduced Prices across the entire BRAINtastic Reading Success Range! Build essential reading skills to unlock life’s treasures. •Ages 4-6 •All activities have integrated speech and sound support •Features over 600 carefully-sequenced learning activities that covers 3 years of schooling •Four cool Reward Games: Toy Storm, ReBop, Face Maker Guys and Face Maker Girls Educational content Learning areas include: •Pre-reading activities •Phonemic awareness: learning to listen •Grapheme (letter) & phoneme (sound) correspondences •Experiencing text Benefits •Helps students learn to read the same way they learn to speak •Over 2,900 carefully targeted activities across six modules for children aged 4 to 15+ •Over 3,800 audio files for phonemes, vocabulary, instructions, answers and more! Features •Customisable for individual players by setting the ability level and individually enabling or disabling different maths categories •Powerful administration and user-management features that can track the results of up to 10 users •Display, export and print detailed user statistics •Create and allocate different content settings for each user Awards •BESSIE Awards – Best Upper Elementary Language Arts Software •The Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award – Grades K-5 •The Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award – Grades 6-8 The Reward-Based Learning System BRAINtastic is the reward-based learning system, where the work is almost as much fun as the games! Every child is unique in their capacity for effort for reward, so BRAINtastic allows you to vary the amount of work to be completed before they can play a Reward Game. You choose the activities and your kids choose a cool Reward Game! •Gives your child maximum motivation to keep on learning! •Humorous twists, constant feedback and corrections to keep students engaged and on-task •Activity types include text input, missing answer, drag-and-drop, multiple choice, true or false and more! •"Questions Only" mode allows kids to focus on the content without playing the Reward Games