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Bright Renamer

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Bright Renamer takes the task of renaming files to a whole new level by automating it with "Renaming Rules" that provide filenames text manipulation and files meta data retrieval. Thanks to the smart 4 areas splitted window, automatic file renaming is more intuitive and easy than ever before. Bright Renamer's 12 renaming rules, hundreds of rules settings and 157 meta data tags - makes it useful for everyone: • Extract valuable information such as: the date and time you took a picture with your camera / videos runtime / songs artists and titles / etc... • Are you a digital photographer or maybe you have folders with tons of photos having filenames similar to DSC4815.jpg? Bright Renamer knows how to extract information about the photo from the meta data of it, such as: Date picture taken/aperture/GPS/etc... • Did you import your favourite CDs or MP3 player's songs to your computer or maybe you buy music on the iTunes store? you can extract information (for example: ID3 tags) from the meta data of audio files (MP3/FLAC and many more) such as: Album name/artist/title/etc... So you can have your music library organized. • Video: With over 30 different containers support, you can extract valuable info such as: video runtime/bitrate/codecs from many file formats such as: MKV/OGG/AVI/MPEG/FLAC/AC3. • Documents and other files: Did you know that your Office documents contain meta data too (such as: number of pages/author/etc...)? Bright Renamer provides many tools even for regular files such as: Fix spaces in filenames, add sequence numbering, change filenames case and many other string manipulation tasks. Still can't find a solution for your file renaming task? Advanced profiles repositories to the rescue: Power users (such as: system admins/IT experts and others) will find the RegEx & AppleScript rules useful for advanced renaming tasks. Even if you don't have any scripting knowledge, you can take advantage of RegEx & AppleScript profiles repositories.