Brink of Consciousness – Dorian Gray Syndrome – Collector’s Edition

OS X 10.6.6
Venture into the realm of a madman to free your beloved from captivity! Guide Sam, a reporter whose investigation of a series of strange disappearances becomes personal when a psychopath abducts his girlfriend and then challenges him to rescue her. Explore every nook and cranny of Goldvale Manor to locate helpful items. Use your instincts and your intellect to solve devious puzzles. And avoid traps than can cut your rescue effort short! You must work quickly to discover the reason behind the lunatic's treachery and escape with your life! GAME FEATURES: •Help Sam rescue his love Anna from a serial maniac •Immerse yourself in a tragic story where evil is really watching your every move •Explore a huge mansion filled with traps and scary surprises •Concept Art •Bonus Chapter •Desktop Wallpapers •Downloadable Soundtrack •Developer Interview •66 locations •6 HOG-scenes FIND US in FACEBOOK: AlawarEntertainment