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Excellent brochure template pages Now we have 60+ templates Brochure design should stand the height of brand building. Corporate brochure is used to support the image of the military vanguard, we must design a brand personality to. Effective brochure is a concentrated expression of corporate features, but have focused on the use according to directions. Or attention to product presentation, or emphasis on corporate culture, or reflect the market value, or based on investment analysis. In short, the purpose of creation must be based on unity of purpose. Even if the sample is an integrated class must have core values. Brochure design to have foresight. Brochure is brand building is an important part in establishing the status of the enterprise is a long process of accumulation, brochure design must be correspondingly long-term vision, otherwise, today's ideas will be very easy to be overwhelmed by the tide of tomorrow. Do the brand design, the most important thing is to see other people do not see, think of others unexpected.  The last problem is the cost. Modern Enterprise mentioning loudest, nothing more than two terms of cost and efficiency. Reduce the cost of doing business is always relentless pursuit of the goal. But for brochure design, cost is not reduced more the better. Samples of different uses, must have a specific combination of content, simple or complex, we must focus on the needs expand. Not according to the capital budget, blind cuts eventually just cut out a sample of the potential sales force. thank you