Bubbaloos FarmYard Puzzles

OS X 10.6.6
Welcome to the wonderful word of jigsaw puzzles.The value and benefit of sharing jigsaw puzzles with your child is priceless. Jigsaw puzzles produced for young children help to develop more refined recognition and definition skills. Children learn to recognise  colour and shape  by playing. Benefits: - Encourage children learning development through play and problem solving. - improve hand and eye coordination. - Enhances Brain and Memory Power. - Boosts morale and confidence. App features: - Choose from 6, 12, 24 or 54 pieces. - 10 Beautifully illustrated jigsaw puzzles. - Hint button, just in case you get struck. - Simple and clean navigation. - Free play or time challenge. - Individual saveable high scores for each level - Full developer support. For more apps please visit www.BubbalooDigital.com Please have a nice day.