Bubble Tuner – Realtime Chromatic Tuner

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Bubble Tuner, a chromatic instrument tuner for Mac OSX. * Chromatic Tuner. Tune hundreds of instruments and alternate tunings * Easy to use, can tune all strings of a guitar in a few minutes * Highly accurate, more than the human ear. * Includes Octave Graph to help see the rise and fall of pitch for beginners. * Preloaded with the some of the most popular tunings. * Add your own instruments and tunings. * Tune to cents or frequency. * Detects Octave, Frequency, Cents and Semitones. * Low energy rating. Bubble Tuner listens to your instruments via the built-in Mac microphone and detects the note played. Tuning a 6 string acoustic guitar takes just a few minutes for all strings using the built in presets to guide you for each string making tuning easy, fast and accurate. You can also use the Octave Graph which helps beginners visualise the tuning process making tuning even easier.