BudgetInMind Lite

OS X 10.12
The powerful and easy-to-use financial software, to enter, analyze and control your financial destiny BudgetInMind Lite is a powerful account management system that can track all your finance and provides in-depth analysis of your financial situation as well as fully integrated forecasting capabilities. With BudgetInMind Lite, you can efficiently insert all your financial transactions into one place, accelerate your book entry using effective scheduler and shortcut workflow, analyze your spending trends, create realistic and manageable forecast, check your bank account balances against bank statements, see how your wealth is spread across your assets, monitor your liabilities, and save your finance in a portable library. BudgetInMind Lite manages only one user and one currency, and the trading module is not present. See BudgetInMind for the full version. BudgetInMind Lite lets you keep history of all your accounts for better trending and make the accounts entering workflow a trivial and rewarding task... WE MAKE ACCOUNTING EASY FOR YOU • One Place to gather all your data • No cumbersome windows. Most actions are one click away from were you are • No need to be well versed in the accounting language. You name your accounts the way you want, we handle the complexity. ADAPTS TO YOUR LIFESTYLE • Adapt account visibility to each year • Create the structure you want, that adapts to your personal situation • Go deep or stay generic, name your accounts the way you want ENTER YOUR TRANSACTIONS IN A SNAP • Advanced entry workflow for fast entry. • Use scheduler for recurring entries. • Use Shortcuts for frequent entries. • Duplicate existing entries as a template. • CSV Import/Export module to speed up historical data entry. IMPORT YOUR BANK CSV FILE DIRECTLY INTO BUDGETINMIND • Automatic Reconciliation • Automate Entry • You have control over new insertion AIRDROP FILES BETWEEN MAC and iPAD • Leverage OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 capabilities to seamlessly transfer files between devices • No need to store your sensitive financial data in the Cloud to benefit from easy sharing • With AirDrop tightly integrated into BudgetInMind, stay local, keep you data safe, and share it when you want on any of your devices directly from the application ACCESS ALL YOUR ACCOUNTS • One-click access to view any account • See all your banks, savings, etc.. • Access all your assets & liabilities • Verify what the bank tells you. Not the reverse POWERFUL BUDGET ANALYSIS • Once Entered, Analyze. • Drilldown. Aggregate. • See graphic trends. • Access transactions easily. • Create your own forecast NEED FOR MORE CONTROL? • Merge book entries made on 2 different versions of the same file for the same user. • And much more... SUPERB & COMPREHENSIVE DOCUMENTATION • Comprehensive documentation readily available in the Mac help system. • Includes tips and accounting principle tutorials.