BulkSMS Messenger

OS X 10.10
Use the BulkSMS Messenger to send SMS text messages to 1 or more mobile phones from your computer. BulkSMS.com connects to over 800 mobile networks in 200 countries. SMS is the only communication medium capable of reaching groups of people instantaneously and simultaneously, regardless of where they are. The app is free, but SMS credits are not. You will need to purchase SMS credits via In App Purchasing. This app is designed for bulk and group messaging. Features include; * As easy as e-mail. Looks and feel similar to an e-mail app * Create and edit easy to use templates – makes messaging fast and simple * Two way communication** – send messages and receive replies * Schedule messages for later delivery, up to 1 year in advance * Status reports**. Lets you know if the message was delivered to the mobile phone * Customisable Sender ID** * Use your local Mac Contacts and/or the BulkSMS online phonebook * Easily import contacts from CSV * Local groups can contain up to 30,000 contacts * Online groups can contain up to 10,000 contacts * Send to up to 30,000 contacts in a single submission * Includes 5 SMS Text credits on first registration and activation. (requires a mobile phone to receive activation code) Notes: **These features are network and country specific. i.e. They might not be available on all mobile networks in all countries.