BusiBI Project Manager 2017

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A fun, intuitive app for Project Managers. As featured in Lawyers Weekly, Girl's Guide to Project Management, the Sweet Setup and WINK. - Manage multiple projects simultaneously with BusiBI. - Build a budget with predefined, configurable templates. - Assign tasks and priorities. - Setup meetings, milestones and reminders. - Import contacts and assign roles from LinkedIn, Facebook and iOS. - Link project documentation from Dropbox. - Keep in synch across all of the projects, across your teams on your Mac, iPad and iPhone. * BusiBI is not a browser based project tool, it's a native app that works even when you're offline. ** You can take BusiBI anywhere, you don't need an internet connection to access your data. Track multiple past, present and future projects through a single pane of glass, your iPad, Mac or iPhone. - Fully configurable - tailor to your Project Management methodology and Industry. - Suitable for public and private sector use. - Built in analytics, synch across your team members and send email reports. - Your industry, methodology and language. - No internet connection required, works offline. - Simple to use, powerful and configurable. CONFIGURABLE - Add your own budget templates. - Add, rename or remove fields and configure pick lists to suit you. - Unicode/Multi-language support - Use a consistent methodology across your team. - Protect sensitive procurement projects with PIN number protection. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT - Drag and drop to update the status of your projects instantly - Analyse your portfolio of projects efficiently with visual tools - Chart ongoing work in progress and upcoming projects INTEGRATED - Add your own notes directly or link in your files from Dropbox. Don't continually email multiple versions of files to the team. - Integrated with LinkedIn, Facebook. Don't retype business cards. - Get automated reminders from iOS across your iPhone, iPad or Mac. - Integrated with the address book, calendar and tasks across iOS. WORK AS A TEAM - Optionally add cloud synching features - Synch data across multiple users - Export data - Import data - Add enterprise reporting