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By End of Day can be used a lightweight, iCloud enabled, elegant ToDo list or it can be used alongside your regular Todo manager to help you keep a clear sense of direction for the day. Plan the day in the morning - or even better the night before, entering just tomorrow’s jobs. This lets you be clear headed about your aims for the day. By End of Day is also designed to help you stay productive during the day. If you care about what you do, you push yourself, but this can over-load you brain. Do you lose focus in the afternoon or start browsing social media? That’s a sign that you are not being as productive as you could be. By End of Day doesn’t interrupt you with timed breaks, it encourages you to build the breaks into the fabric of your work so you can be productive all day. The app holds a list of breaks for when you have started to achieve the days objectives. This fits in with your pace of work. No timed reminders, just a recognition of making progress and more importantly, a chance for your brain to unwind, ready for the next task. You need to know that you have achieved progress during the day. By End of Day lets you tick off jobs, even if it wasn’t possible to finish them. This means you can track the work you’ve put in separately from completion of jobs. (Finishing jobs is important - that’s what your main todo list is for.) Stay in control of your day.