Calc & Draw – Calculator

OS X 10.11
This tool combines the functionality of a scientific calculator and a curve plotter. Key Features: * A scientific calculator including the set of standard mathematical functions * No limitation on the size of mathematical expressions * A large number of keyboard shortcuts that can be displayed with the W key * Error and warning messages indicating precisely the possible syntax errors in the writing of mathematical expressions * A plotter which can also draw the first and second derivatives * A generator of tables of variations, including the search of the roots * Function composition * Personalization of the appearance (color of each curve, ratio of graphs, brightness and zoom) * Saving graphics (PDF and EPS formats) * Saving tables of variations (HTML format) * Saving documents with all functions and mathematical expressions (JSON format). These files can be saved and opened via the main menu. AND... A section for statistics: * the user can enter a set of data (X,Y) * the data can be plotted * the user can fit the data with one of the following models: -> Constant -> Linear -> Gaussian -> Exponential -> Parabola -> Power -> Logarithm A section for complex numbers, including all standard mathematical functions