CalcUList- Awesome Math List Calculator

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CalcUList is a simple app to make multiple lists of calculated items. Reorder, clone, and delete items as the total is automatically calculated for you. Change the quantity, change the value, or the operator and watch the total change automatically. Features: -Menubar App -Stays out of your way. -Access from all spaces. -Just a click away. -Reorder list items. -Delete and clone list items. -Automatic calculations. -Unlimited Calculated lists. -Instant calculations. -PDF Export. -Quickly copy calculation text, to use in other apps. Good For: -Estimates. -Project Quotes. -Monthly Budgeting. -Homework. -Shopping lists. -Calculating estimates. -Calculating revenue. -Managing monthly budgets. -Simple calculations. -Complex calculations. -Freelancers. -Small Business Owners. -Photographers. -Wedding Planners. -Logo Designers. -Graphic Designers. -Web Designers. -Web Developers. -Site Administrators. -SEO Consultants. -Internet Marketers.