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CalendarMenu is a macOS menu bar application, which provides a small calendar showing all informations you need to keep track of all upcoming appointments, birthdays and reminders in the blink of an eye. CalendarMenu is highly configurable and allows you to specify exactly what you want CalendarMenu to show. It also contains three Today Widgets for the Notification Center showing ... • a monthly calendar with all your appointments, reminders and birthdays • a list of all upcoming events • a list of all upcoming reminders Calendar features: • shows all iCal calendar events • calendars can be selected individually • highlights birthdays read directly from macOS Contacts (Address Book) • differentiates between normal and all-day events • individually highlights events spanning multiple days • can indivually hide normal events and/or events spanning multiple days • provides daily and weekly overviews showing all calendar events and reminders (with due date) of the selected day or week • shows calendar weeks and first weekday according to your current system configuration Reminders features: • reminders with a due date set are highlighted in the calendar • allows to quickly mark reminders as finished or pending without leaving CalendarMenu • you can individually (de)select reminder lists • reminders can be sorted by their title, by due date, priority or calendar name (either ascending or descending) • reminders without due date can be hidden • reminders listed on the main window can be limited to a due date within the next X days More screenshots are available on the CalendarMenu website. If you find a bug in this app, please report it to the bug tracker so I can fix it as soon as possible. You can reach the bug tracker directly via the "CalendarMenu Support" link. A free tryout version is available on the website: