Calendars 2018 for Photoshop

OS X 10.10
Multiple Calendar Templates for the year 2018, ready to be used within Photoshop CS6 to the latest Photoshop CC or Adobe Elements in a native Photoshop format. - Text quality remains the same whatever the output size - Multiple layers, so you can re-edit anything (font/color/size/text...) - Easily customize, add your own comment or watermark The Calendars 2018 Templates come thru multiple sets. Some templates have the week to start on Monday, other on Sunday. Some sets come month per month. Some calendar offer the full year thru different layout.(in summary : 3 sets of different 2018 full year layout, plus 4 sets of 12 months per months) A real must for photographers that want to offer calendars with their own photos. NOTE: Photos on screen-shots are for illustration of what you can do and do not come with templates. Simply, use your own!