Call Of Duty Profiler | 使命召唤

OS X / Intel 32
$ 0.00
The Call of Duty Profiler allows you to advance your Call of Duty 4 multiplayer profile(s) while playing any version of the game (ex. 1.5 or 1.7). This is intended for people who may have favorite servers or friends who play on different versions of the game than yourself. You no longer have to abandon them for the latest version! The Call of Duty Profiler is essentially a launcher for Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer which copies your newest profile to whatever version of Call of Duty 4 you are opening. This may or may not keep singleplayer profiles up to date. I can vouch that it works very well with multiplayer profiles, but it may result in out-of-date (or lost progress) on single player profiles. Use at your own risk, and create a backup of your profile (how to do this is explained in the readme file). More information is included in the zip. Source code (an Xcode project) is also included for those who are interested.