CallPad : Make Phone Calls

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With the release of OS X 10.10 Yosemite, placing a phone call (using your iPhone) from the comfort of your Mac became a reality. Ever wonder how to make phone calls in OS X Yosemite? Well, with CallPad ! CallPad is a very simple app to ease making phone calls without picking up your iPhone in OS X Yosemite. CallPad requires an iPhone with iOS 8 and an activated carrier plan. Phone calling works with any iOS device that supports iOS 8 and any Mac that supports Yosemite. NOTE : In order for CallPad to function, you MUST have FaceTime enabled and activated, iCloud enabled and the preference setting in FaceTime on iOS and Mac to allow "iPhone Cellular Calls". - Features : • Access to your contact directly from the app • Add your favorite contacts to Favorites section • Dial or delete numbers right from your keyboard • Make call from Notification Center with CallPad Extension • Ready for Retina display • Vibrant Dark Appearance