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‘Cam Scan PDF’ converts photos of any documents taken with your digital camera or camera phone into PDF files applying perspective correction. ★★★ Thus, ‘Cam Scan PDF’ makes pictures of documents look like they were taken by a scanner by removing the 3 dimensional perspective! ★★★ Are you tired of carrying stacks of paper? Why don’t you just transform them into PDF files? (multi-page support included) Now you don’t need a scanner any longer to digitalize your documents. Just use your digital camera or camera phone and ‘Cam Scan PDF’: it’s more portable and even faster! Additionally, this app allows you to enhance the quality of your photos: • remove lens distortion: In contrast to pictures by a scanner, pictures taken by a camera suffer from lens distortion. ‘Cam Scan PDF’ allows you to calibrate your camera and remove its lens distortion. • set the color of the paper to white • convert your documents to black and white • adjust brightness and contrast