Camera Mirror

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Our intention is to present Camera Mirror as a very useful utility tool. Enabling users to......... *easily switch between camera mode and the real mirror * see themselves before they go live on a FaceTime or Skype chat. ( showing what the other person is about to see) * apply makeup or shave, even squeeze zits live! * see who and what is standing behind them at all times. ( detect incoming objects before they hit you) * set up the perfect viewing angle of the camera ( tilt your screen to get it just right) * great spy tool in coffee shops (without turning around) * Re-sizable screens allowing you to use the camera while you are working on other projects. * to look at themselves all day. (designed for egomaniacs in particular) * keep screen open while you are on a conference call. *use the frameless smart frame to save valuable desktop space. * place and resize the smart frame making it an asset, not a clumsy widget.