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Play on midi keyboard and let Capture Midi backup and recover all your played melodies. Incredibly useful status bar tool that backups all live plays from midi keyboards. Just drag and drop your melodies back to your midi sequencer. Library Audio Browser let you playback and preview custom audio samples. A must to have companion tool for Logic Pro X, Cubase 7, Ableton Live or Garageband. Capture Midi solves very common situations when you compose a melody to invent nice chord progression meanwhile you experimenting in your daw. Capture midi let you recover any interesting melodies while you improvise with nice virtual instruments or piano. Never blame recording button again that you just lost some interesting sequence. Capture Midi resembles retrospective midi functionality that can be found in some DAW (Digital Audio Workstation software) making it system wide accessible and with smart approach. Included Audio Browser is handy when you have several sound libraries for quick drag and drop or previewing. Capture Midi is not midi file player instead is an accompany application for your music composition in your favorite Audio-Midi sequencer application. ===STATUS BAR APPLICATION=== Access Capture Midi from status bar icon or detach it as window. Stay on top pin 3 predefined heights for status bar popover ===RETROSPECTIVE MIDI MELODIES=== Enable retrospective recording on selected midi keyboards or devices Auto connects to selected keyboards once you attach them to your mac. Variable buffer from 500 to 100 000 midi events (Notes, controller events) Favorite interesting melodies and return to them anytime later. Smart metronome, starts as you start playback and stops automatically. ===MIDI / AUDIO FILE BROWSER WITH DRAG AND DROP=== Append custom folders from disk or external drives Browse, Playback, and drag and drop samples to your DAW Transpose, loop midi files. Random transpose function on loop. Let you listen melody every time with random transposition. Export your ideas to midi files. Playback midi files via armed track in your DAW