OS X 10.7
Caricature-O-Matic is used to generate caricatures from digital images and photographs. One may select a caricature face among the vast array of character faces to warp from the original image. Filters can then be added to enrich the look and feel of the caricatures. There are several filters to choose from and one may combine the filters together as well. The overall goal of the software is to be a tool to create caricatures easily, on the fly, along with providing fun for the user. Also, allowing the user latitude for experimentation to come up with unique concoctions, and explore new character designs. Features • Over 300 different faces to use • 58 image filters • A Face Editor to build your own custom face distortions • Image view tools for creating unique results • Combination Filters - as in combined and/or sequenced • May be used as a standalone image filter program • Save image in JPG, PNG and TIF formats Photo Credits : Stephen Marc two girls as friends Jedidja / Aritha - arieth smiling young woman Photo by dee at ; woman in front of painting Mihai Paraschiv martial arts guy Martine PourquoiPas woman in purple Cheryl Holt girl in blue sweater Nika Suchá tinted red hair woman portrait Sasin Tipchai cat woman (martial arts) Photo by iphis at ) blue shirt dude Photo by akolich at ) girl with boat