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The Cartograph app views offline and online maps, supports track recording, editing, and live tracking. The app also supports the popular Mapsforge format, as well as SQLite based raster maps such as mbtiles and rmap (Locus). Web: Help: ## Features - View offline and online maps (slippy tiles and WMS/Web Map Services based on WG84/EPSG-4326/900913). - Support for Mapsforge (0.7) offline vector maps and Mapsforge themes (V6, including customized style layering). - MBTiles, and rmap (Locus) offline raster maps. - Mapsforge multi-maps (combine multiple maps into a single one, e.g. around country borders). - GPS tracking (including USB-to-serial and Bluetooth-to-serial GPS mice). - GPS webserver source allows you to send GPS location via HTTP to Cartograph. - Support for Bluetooth 4 BLE heart frequency and cadence devices (for instance Polar H7 belt). This feature requires compatible hardware. - Customizable trip computer. - A 3D view gives a 3D snapshot of the current location. - Support for 2nd map layer which can be used for overlay maps (e.g. OpenSeaMap), hillshading, etc. - Experimental (!) support for offline hill shading based on Nasa SRTM elevation data. - Online route and address search. - Support for offline overlays (drinking water sources, restaurants, supermarkets, hostels, custom overlays). - Support for metric, imperial, and nautic units. - Text-, and photo waypoints. - Basic track drawing and editing feature. - Show multiple tracks at the same time. - Live tracking: send your current location to a custom webserver* via HTTP GET or GPSies service. - Live polling: poll other users' location from a custom webserver* via HTTP GET and show it in the map. - Simple chart, statistics, distance measurements. *The webserver implementation is not part of the Cartograph app!