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Become a cartoonist in no time! You can apply a customizable cartoon filter to all your photos and create caricatures like a professional illustrator, effortlessly. Just drag a photo into the app and it will do all the work for you. Features: - 4 Different Distortion Modes: Warp, Bump (concave and convex effect), Pinch, Twirl. - Just drag your mouse over the image and see the results in real-time. - You can adjust radius and distort pixels with high precision. - Apply a vibrant cartoon filter and adjust colors, shadows, light and vibrancy. - 47 Color Filters ready to use (Process, Fade, Soft Shadows, Silver Light...). - Give a personal style to all your creations. - Save your own presets with colors and distortion points. - Supports JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PSD... and all the RAW formats supported by OS X. Cartoon filter based upon the work of Jan Eric Kyprianidis, you can find further details here: Kyprianidis, J. E. & Döllner, J. (2008). Image Abstraction by Structure Adaptive Filtering IMPORTANT: These video cards are not supported: Radeon X1600/X1900, GeForce 7300/7600, Intel GMA Series. In order to work with high resolution images it is recommended a dedicated AMD/NVIDIA or Intel Iris graphics card with at least 256 mb of VRAM. Please report bugs or send requests to .