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CastleGuard2 is the successor of the powerful CastleGuard. CastleGuard2 has been completely rewritten and brings many new functions and improvements. It is a lightweight and powerful utility that helps you to understand what an app does and what it is capable of.Is an app sandboxed? Can it establish a network connection? CastleGuard2 knows that. Additionally you get information(metadata) about the developer and the application itself. New functions: The capabilities listed for every single application are now more accurate and come with more details than in the last version. CastleGuard keeps now track of your application folder meaning that any changes on your hard drive are immediately reflected. A build in signature verification now tells you how trustworthy an application is which makes the decision easier if you should run an application or not. With a single click on the trustworthiness indicator you get detailed information on the certificates and the signature. Have you just downloaded an application from the internet? Just drag it into CastleGuard and you get instantly all information you need to know about that application. Login items/helper applications that come with an app are now displayed in the sidebar and give you the same detailed information like on an regular app bundle. A new settings window allows you to customise the functionality. On the bottom of the window is now a path that shows you where an specific app is installed, with a double click CastleGuard2 will show you the application in the Finder.