Cataline Kitty

OS X 10.7
Set in a world made entirely of fabric, wool and yarn, this physics-based puzzler let’s you play Cataline the ginger cat which has to fly and land safely in a fish bowl to catch a meal. In order to do so, you have to launch her from a thimble and knitting needles and just let her fly and fall into a fish bowl: * Launch Cataline the cat into the air and land safely in the fish bowls to clear the levels * Throw yarn balls at kittens trapped in the dungeons by the diabolical Snowman * Avoid hitting Cataline against the walls. A perfect landing gives perfect bonus points * Try to get all the floating stars * Avoid enemies like Flying Pirate ships, falling missiles, rain drops from weeping clouds, castle guards and more * 12 levels over 2 “seasons” with new levels to come through free subsequent updates * HD graphics with beautiful embroidered tapestry and stitched artwork to enjoy * Game Center Leader Board to pit your high scores against other players Cataline is easy to play but gradually gets tricky. Armed with balls of yarn, you can help Cataline by avoiding or destroying enemies that gets in her way. Let's play! Cataline Kitty version is the limited version of Cataline the FULL version. The FULL version awaits with 60 fun and challenging levels! Let's play! **Reviews** "The attention to detail in the graphics is amazing." "This is the games masterstroke: visuals that would feel comfortable sharing a drink with Ilomilo and LittleBigPlanet. Certainly the designer of this game should be proud of this aspect of his work, particularly when you consider that most other games in this field, barring perhaps 'trucks and skulls', go for a scattergun approach to design elements." ~FitzKreiner