CB Adware & Malware Cleaner

OS X 10.10
CyberByte™ Adware and Malware Cleaner is the complete adware removal solution that you will find available on the Apple Mac AppStore. If you are experiencing any browser problems, popups, ads or even if your Mac is running slow, our product is the answer. With just a simple click, you can scan your entire Mac. Our engineers designed the CyberByte™ Adware and Malware Cleaner to provide the ultimate user experience with an intuitive and easy to use user interface. The scan speed was not forgotten, and we are proud to tell our customers that our product has the best scanning speed in the market. We use a signature-based scanning engine, and the malware definitions are updated on a daily basis. Our malware research team is continuously harvesting malware signatures from different corners of the Internet and add them to our database so we can provide the ultimate protection against malware for our customers. Cyberbyte™ development team thanks you for your attention and we hope that you will enjoy our product. For support or feedback, please email us at support@cyberbyte.org For false positive, please email us at report@cyberbyte.org