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Have fun with cel shading, transform your videos with a totally new and vibrant cartoon style. Features: - Supports all OS X/iOS video formats: MOV, MP4, M4V and AVI with supported codecs. - Control edges and colors with high level of customization. - Adjust shadows, smoothness, hand-drawn style. - Transform your video with high or soft details. - Play with Tone Mapping: emphasize details and color contrasts. - Set aperture size, apply blur effects. - 18 presets, Soft, Toon Shading, Black & White, Old Style... - Save your own presets. - Contrast, saturation, brightness, exposure, gamma and other adjustments. - 47 filters ready to use: Color Intensifier, Process, Tonal, Transfer, Analog, Warm colors... - 25/30 fps 1080p real-time preview with dedicated AMD/NVIDIA video cards. - Export as MOV, MP4 or M4V format. Cartoon filter based upon the work of Jan Eric Kyprianidis, you can find further details here: Kyprianidis, J. E. & Döllner, J. (2008). Image Abstraction by Structure Adaptive Filtering http://www.kyprianidis.com/p/tpcg2008 IMPORTANT: These video cards are not supported by this version: Radeon X1600/X1900, GeForce 7300/7600, Intel GMA Series. Please report bugs or send requests to quentin.apps14@gmail.com .