OS X 10.6
ChangeReaction — Draconis Entertainment's classic audio puzzle game for the blind and visually impaired Primarily intended for blind and visually impaired gamers, ChangeReaction is played via the keyboard and your ears. Navigate the game board with the arrow keys, dropping coins on the stacks to create chains of explosions and rack up higher and higher scores! Match three coins of the same denomination vertically or horizontally to trigger a chain reaction that blows up all adjacent coins of the same value! This game has no visual elements. Use your fingers, ears, and wits to rack up the highest scores possible! • Choose from three distinctly different variations of game play. • All modes support three difficulty levels. • In ChangeReaction Classic, clear the board of all coins before time runs out! • In LooseChange, clearing the board just got a whole lot more difficult! Bombs explode on coin stacks and scatter their contents across the board for added challenge! • In PayDay, try to keep the board from being cleared against all odds, and rack up overtime by clearing positions on the board which represent the hours of the work week. • Bonus rounds provide a chance to rack up even higher scores! • ChangeReaction 2.0 has been rewritten from the ground up using the next-generation Draconis game engine. • Exciting new sounds and music. • Audio hints to help newcomers navigate the game menus with their ears. • In app instructions and keyboard reference.