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ChannelScrobbler is a fun way to post your scrobbles to a Slack channel in real-time. Create a music channel and show your friends and co-workers what you're listening to and see their favorites as well. Other solutions like IFTTT poll the feed and only update every 15 minutes or so, ChannelScrobbler allows you to choose your update period and see updates as frequently as every 30 seconds. ChannelScrobbler runs in your status bar and can launch on startup, so it's always there, listing every track you play. Because ChannelScrobbler reads your feed scrobbles from your account it will catch new songs from any device that supports scrobbling, not just your computer! * Includes retina graphics and support for dark status bars! * Scrobbles are posted by a bot with customizable name, avatar, and colors. If you're having problems using ChannelScrobbler, please email for support.