Chapter Marker

OS X 10.9
Adding Chapters to Videos has never been this easy… Just 3 Steps. 1. Open any Video. 2. Add Chapter Markers and drag them to specify the time. 3. Edit Chapter Titles & Save as .mp4. Watch How to use video here : (Or click Chapter Marker Support) ● Add Chapters by click of a button and drag them to exact time. ● No need to manually key in times values. ● Exports to QuickTime Player compatible .mp4 and encodes only if necessary. ● Millisecond level precision using stepper controls. ● If available, previous chapter information are maintained as is, so that they can be edited. ● Option to Add Multiple Chapters at once spaced by specified minutes. ● Metadata such as the Poster & Movie Information are maintained as it is. ● Contact developer directly from the help menu. Questions/Comments - Please use the contact form available in the Help Menu. Note : App wont be able to open encrypted or .VOB video files.