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Chaptrs is a photo browser that automatically arranges photos in each album / event into smaller, more manageable groups we call chapters. This way, your photos are more organized, easier to browse and afford sharing, especially for those large vacation albums. Use Chaptrs to visualize your photo libraries, quickly access events in these libraries and share chapters of photos to your social networks using the latest OS X Mountain Lion sharing technologies. Chaptrs was designed to work amicably with iPhoto and Aperture so changes you make in Chaptrs will not affect your existing photo libraries. This app is designed and built by a lonely PhD student desperately trying to graduate. Please support him (@jprabawa) by trying out this free app. Features ====== * Visualize your photo libraries * Automatically organize your albums / events into chapters * Simple drag-and-drop to rearrange your photos * Share your chapters and photos with the latest OS X Sharing Technologies * Works with iPhoto and Aperture photo libraries * Supports Quicklook (Just press spacebar!) * Drag your chapters or photos outside Chaptrs to copy them to other applications Your feedback and support is much appreciated! Send any comments or questions to For the latest news, visit and follow us on Twitter (@chaptrs) or on tumblr at Coming in Version 1.1 ============== * Support for video files * More visualizations