Character Commands for Xcode

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No more cutting and pasting from the line above to repeat things or delete and replace to change the case of a single character. This source editor extension for Xcode adds two commands: Copy Character Above — Copies the character in the line immediately above the cursor. Repeat this command until you reach the point where you want to make a change. It will also insert a new line if you reach the end of the line above. Swap Case of Character — Changes the case of the character under the cursor and advances to the next character. Repeat this until you have made the changes you want. It will also wrap around to the next line and advance past characters that have no equivalent case change. Be sure to launch the app and watch the videos on how to install, setup and use this great extension. I've added this feature to every editor and IDE I have used since BRIEF. This application requires Xcode 8 or later.