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Characters makes it easy for writers, designers and developers to access special characters. They are easily found and copied to your clipboard, either as the character itself or the html code. For example, if you need the copyright symbol, just type "copy" into the search bar and the app finds the character you're looking for. With one click you can copy it to your clipboard. The app knows which characters you use the most and those will always stay at the top, so you can access them easily. “For me, Characters is an easy, and visually attractive, solution that’s faster than accessing and using Character Viewer.” – Dan Frakes, “The best part about Characters is how it lets you copy characters to the clipboard.” – Federico Viticci, “If you find yourself needing them a lot, or just want quick access to silly Emojis, Characters is well worth its $2.99 price tag.” – Shep McAllister, “It’s simple, it works, and it looks great. And it’s the perfect example of the cheap single-serve apps that were hard to sell before the Mac App Store.” – Charlie Sorrel, Available character sets: - Arrows - Emojis - Math - Symbols - Block elements - Currencies - Cyrillic - Digits - Dingbats - Geometric shapes - Greek - Latin - Latin Extended-A - Letter-like - Parentheses - Pictographs - Punctuation - Hebrew - Brackets - Phonetic Alphabet - Roman Numerals