Chemin De Fer Baccarat

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Casino cards game Chemin de Fer is a precursor or modern-day baccarat. Six 52-card decks are used. Instead of the casino banking the game, a single player does. The turn to be the banker rotates around the table. The banker always has the Banker hand. The banker would indicate the maximum he was willing to lose. From the banker's left, the other players would indicate how much they wanted to bet. If a player wanted to bet the maximum he could, subject to the banker's stated maximum loss, he would declare "banco," and no other players could bet. The dealer would give deal two cards each as the Banker and Player hands. The Banker hand would be given to the banker, and the Player hand to the player with the largest wager. Most of the time strategy in Chemin de Fer will be the same, as follows: Player should hit on 0 to 4 and stand on 6 and 7. If the Player stood, then the Banker should hit on 0 to 5 and stand on 7. - Ranking / Score system - Real time game stats system - Dealer voices