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"Chess Insight" - the modern chess database for macOS. Chess Insight is the best choice for those who love reading the chess books in pgn format (app allows import pgn files and the notation viewer is outstanding), for chess game annotators, chess coaches, and their students to ongoing chess game analyzing, for regular club players to keep their game records in highly searchable format. You can analyze and annotate the games, import, and export to/from pgn format. The app includes an embedded chess engine (SF8) with Syzygy tablebases support. Also, the software provides an opening explorer based on 2M master played games. The Chess Insight has very clean & slick UI that is very easy to use. Collect & Organize Organize .pgn files you own into the databases. Import your .pgn books into the high searchable format. The chess database provides an intuitive way to organize your fragmented chess files. Just use an embedded import functionality to add your games into the program and then use a quick search function to look for the games and players. Read & Annotate “Chess insight” includes full-fledged PGN viewer allows you to read your chess books and chess magazines. Go through the chess game by annotating your thoughts and ideas in an easy and convenient way. Annotate and analyze your own games you had played in a club. Comment the moves of the game and game’s variations. "Chess Insight" gives you an opportunity to use all set of standard .pgn annotation symbols and insert custom diagrams. Analyze & Learn Follow the game development with a help of embedded chess engine (SF8). “Chess Insight” will suggest you with the best Move and current evaluation of the current position. Additionally, an embedded chess engine will present you with best possible variations of game continuation. Learn from your mistakes during an analyzing of a game of chess. Track a real-time evaluation of advantage any side has. With our Chess Opening Explorer, ​you can navigate an online chess database move by move. The Chess Opening Explorer backed by 2M master played games. The Opening Explorer is the helpful tool if you want to study an opening. This is your starting point to a universe of chess opening exploration.