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Chromapod is an app for keeping your colors and palettes on one place, it was thought for developers, graphic designers and creative types that need a sole repository for their color schemes and to share them with their collaborators. You can create new colors and palettes from scratch, or import them from another applications or even retrieve them automatically from source code - on any of the supported languages - of your past projects. Chromapod allows you to create, edit, reorganize colors and palettes and to share them without limits. You also can get the source code for replicate your colors on any of the supported coding languages. Features: Manual color creation by parameter adjusting. Highly flexible color scheme management. Export and import of palettes as ColorList format. Drag and drop color interchange between apps. Single clic MacOS color picker customization. Automatic color extraction from source code. Color conversion to definition code on several formats and platforms. Supported coding languages for color conversion: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Swift and