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Easily create a “circle icon” for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch, or TV app using CircleIcons. Steps to create a circle icon: – Create a template image in your favorite image editor. – Make a new Circle Icons document. – Choose a top gradient color, a bottom gradient, and a circle color (iPhone + iPad, WatchKit). – Drop the template image into the respective image well. – Export the icon. Features: * Export an icon as an Xcode asset catalog (.xcassets), a folder (with optional rounded corners for website use), distribution (App Store icon and iTunesArtwork), and Web (favicon). * iPhone + iPad: Choose between three icon styles: Circle, Rounded Rectangle, or Plain. * Mac: Choose between three icon types: App, Document (with title), and Folder. * Choose between numerous color collections (gradient + circle colors), or create your own. * iPhone + iPad: Although somewhat off-label, CircleIcons can also be used to resize a preexisting icon. * While a template image for the App Store-sized icon is required, images for other sizes can optionally be dropped in for fine tuning. * TV: As of version 2.0, CircleIcons now supports both TV app icons and top shelf images. Note: The CircleIcons app and document icons were created using CircleIcons. To see more screenshots, as well as some videos, please visit our website.