Cirkus: Team Task Management

OS X 10.11
Built fully native for MacOS, organize your tasks, simplify your project workflows and effortlessly collaborate in teams. Cirkus is built to make sure task management isn’t another task. Use our fully native app on your Mac or iOS devices, or any browser to see your priorities, to do list, and pending task. Store files within the app. Create task triggers and automate your work flow in new ways. Cirkus offers premium features for free, allowing your team to complete projects efficiently. TASK MANAGEMENT • Assign a single task to multiple people using Roles • Receive notifications to keep everyone on track • Customizable views to visualize priorities COMMUNICATION • Discussions all in one place to keep team focused • End tedious email threads with organized chat • Share files and collaborate in the task window • Private conversations to keep the noise down PREMIUM FEATURES FOR FREE • Create task templates to save yourself significant time • Automate your workflow with task triggers • Set up permission profiles to make projects run smooth • Custom organizations clarify team management COLLABORATION • Easily invite team members into Cirkus • Integrate freelancers into your projects • Assign tasks and see current progress With our web, iOS and Mac versions you can keep in sync on all your devices. Try Cirkus today, and let your projects take center stage. To learn more about our features, and access our training videos, check If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, contact us direct at We’d love to hear from you.