Civil War: 1863

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Relive iconic battles of the American Civil War. Take command of both the Union and Confederate forces in this exciting turn-based strategy game from the developers behind the international top-selling Tank Battle: 1944 and Ancient Battle: Rome. Take control of the battlefield with advanced features such as combat analysis, strategic movement and map zoom. Key Features: ● 75 missions across 10 campaigns. ● Includes battles based on historic events. ● Play the missions as either Union or Confederate. ● 8 Unique Civil War Units: - Infantry with Muskets. - Infantry with Rifled Muskets. - Artillery. - Generals. - Wagons. - Naval Gunboats. - Dismounted and Mounted Cavalry. ● Changeable unit formations and tactics. ● Generals can attach to units to increase morale. ● More capable Veteran units and unreliable raw units. ● 3 difficulty settings. ● Detailed Combat Analysis. ● Flank Attacks. ● Map Zoom. ● Strategic Movement. ● Hours of Gameplay. ● Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards. ● iCloud Saves (also compatible with the iOS version of the game). ● High Definition graphics. ● 15 Hotseat two player scenarios. ● Hours of Gameplay! Find us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - @HuntedCow Game Forum - Thank you for supporting our games! © 2014 Hunted Cow Studios Ltd. © 2014 HexWar Ltd. All Rights Reserved.